Solar Caravan Mounts
Solar Caravan Mounts
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ABS Plastic SLB Series Solar Panel Mount Kits 

(Ideal for RV, Boat, Caravan,Ambulance and other Mobile Applications) 

The SLB Series Solar Panel Corner Brackets can be used with any sized aluminum framed solar panel to provide a secure mounting to RVs, boats and many flat surface applications.The solar corner mounts will support the the solar panel at the optimum height above the surface to enable airflow from underneath, ensuring the solar panel functions as efficiently as possible. 
Depending on the size and weight of the solar module and particularly if mounting the panel to a vehicle, it may be worth considering the addition of a side mount set (Available Separately) for additional support of the long sides of the panel, but for many installations the corner brackets are sufficient. 
Solar panel mounts are an ideal way to affix solar panels to the roof or deck of motor homes and boats. The mounts can be safely bonded to the surface eliminating the need to drill holes. The mounts also act as a wind deflector and maintain the correct air gap between the solar panel and the roof top / deck. 

Suitable for all aluminum framed solar panels. Larger panels may require additional side mount brackets. Recommended bonding agent is Sikaflex 715 
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