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Wind & PV Hybrid System
We not only produce solar panels and solar modules, but also provide different solar application solutions: large or small on grid solar power system or off grid solar power system, commercial and industrial building solar system or home and residential solar system, roof-top solar system or ground mounting solar system...We are your reliable consultant for your solar solutions.
Solar Monitoring System
Solar Monitoring System

 Type: solar and wind hybrid/ off-gird/ industrial 
Power output: 500w solar power + 600w wind power
Location: Guangzhou, China
Installation Year: 2009
Brief introduction: This is a wind and PV hybrid system designed for monitoring the road traffic on a motorway in Guangzhou City. The system includes four pieces of 125w mono-crystalline silicon solar modules, one piece of 600w wind turbine, one piece of wind and PV hybrid controller and four pieces of 12V gel batteries. It is designed to work normally for 10 rainy days. The system has been working efficiently so far. 

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